Batch Brew Your Way Through Winter

With the world around us working through some very real environmental topics, this winter Frankie Walter Peta will be focused on warming Melbourne up through a delicious rotation of Batch Brews from Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters.

We’re moving away from the standard café outdoor heaters and would like to invite you to “Batch Brew Your Way through Winter” with us, starting with the wonderfully zesty “Gathaithi” batch from Kenya.

In line with this environmental focus, “Batch Brew Your Way Through Winter” is also introducing a mug exchange program where you will soon be able to borrow a coffee mug or leave one of your own on the community shelves at the counter; like the Frankie Walter Peta share library but with coffee cups.

Frankie Walter Peta hopes that our winter campaign will drive further awareness of alternative, environmentally friendly ways to do every day things.

Batch Brew Your Way Through Winter this year with Frankie Walter Peta.